A Corridor of Commerce in the Heartland

Within 100 miles of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metro region is an accumulation of diverse businesses and economic assets that is the nation’s leading region for the entire value chain of commerce.

But a catalyst is needed to fully realize this generational opportunity.

A regional strategy to deploy capital oriented to this growth is necessary to develop and promote new technologies that will stimulate and sustain this expansion. We believe this is an urgent imperative needed to fully leverage these assets and to capture the growth that will develop in the near-term.

This white paper will provide a detailed outline of the major value chain assets in the corridor of Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky, Louisville, Columbus (Ohio), and Indianapolis. It will take a closer look at noteworthy examples of leaders in digital transformation and will close with a series of recommendations we believe are needed to ignite growth. It is intended to be a living document that will evolve with the market.